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FOUND. Marc Newson ashtray, commissioned for Blend. Please enquire:
THE GREATEST FIND offer one for the design archives. This amazing product is not to be confused with the Habitat Urchin of same design but made with hollow glass. This Marc Newson design was originally commissioned by Swedish tobacco company Blend in 1995 alongside several other designers to design ashtrays for promotional purposes, the circular glass ashtray which is shaped like a slightly deformed Orgone shape with grooves machined into the top. The Habitat version was picked up at a later date

This designer archive product is the original Blend solid glass ashtray by famous artist/industrial designer Marc Newson. Extremely rare. Not to be mistaken for the Habitat Urchin edition.

Designed in 1995.

Please enquire about this product.

Marc Newson Blend Ashtray 1995

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