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Found, The Memo chair. Designed in 1999 by Ron Arad in collaboration with inflate studio.

THE GREATEST FIND offers this amazing piece of design by Ron Arad. The famous industrial designer come artist is known world wide for his great functional and sometimes off the wall designs.
With the help of Inflate Studio, Ron Arad has taken the bean bag to another level. So comfotable to sit on the chair can be transformed or set to the users natural shape by sucking out the excess air and then sealing the vacuum hole. A very rare and unique piece for the design archives done by one of the most influential industrial designers/artists of our generation. Don't miss out!

We have two of these available. These are available as skins only. You’ll be required to buy the 12 cubic feet of poly foam filling separately.
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Rare Ron Arad 1999 Memo Chair

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