TGF Atelier Hand Painted Vintage Cap - ED 7

TGF Atelier Hand Painted Vintage Cap - ED 7


Found, TGF. Edition 7 cap in trans black.


This is our, THE GREATEST FIND's, third edition to the collection. Again, It’s perfectly imperfect. Made from 100% cotton and has a fine transparent black coating. Edition 7 in trans black has GREAT details like washed and destressed cotton and coating with contrasting off white eyelet. Edition 7
is finished off with the TGF. hand stamp. TGF. Edition 7 will only get better over time and develope it’s own character.This is a unisex item.

Material: 100% cotton and water based paint with sterling silver pin.


Deadstock baseball cap hand finished in England.


Introducing our very own TGF Atelier. We’re addicted to searching for those perfectly imperfect and rare pieces. So much so, we decided to make our own. Taking inspiration from all slow production techniques and the ancient mentality of wear and repair. From vintage denim, woven on old American looms and distressed antique Japanese worker boro to modern day avant-garde and street culture. All our artisanal products are unisex that are completely handmade or hand finished. They are made in England in extremely limited quantities using only the finest materials with the aim of each garment lasting a life time and only getting better with age and wear.


We believe everyone should have a more sustainable mindset - buy quality, repair when it's needed and ultimately shop less.

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